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Backup, and Compliance

Stay secure in the cloud with help from our company in Baltimore, MD

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Looking for a tool to help you decide which security issues you should focus on, or what products you should recommend to improve cybersecurity for clients? Look no further than Epik's Security Network Assessment.

Stay secure in the cloud

Cybersecurity isn't simply about preventing external malicious attacks and safeguarding against internal human error. It's also a way to ensure your vital data is always safe and secure while protecting your business from falling out of compliance.

Cover your company's bases with Epik Technology's security, backup, and compliance offerings.

Getting started with cyber security

Implementing cybersecurity solutions and best practices can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are four main areas you should cover, and we have a solution for each.


#1 Microsoft 365 security

While extremely secure on its own, there are still steps cloud providers can take to make Microsoft 365 as safe as possible for clients. This includes monitoring account privileges and restricting data for certain users. With these security measures in place, you can enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft 365 without worrying about your infrastructure.

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#2 Endpoint protection

It's common for businesses to have multiple devices linked to different user accounts. Those connections, however, represent more opportunities for potential vulnerabilities. Implementing endpoint protection solves this problem.

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#3 Email security and compliance

Businesses transmit sensitive data via email all the time. Deploying proper encryption and archiving solutions ensures that data stays in the right hands, and that communications are compliant with government regulations and standards. This helps your business avoid any punitive fines and protects your reputation.

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#4 Backup and disaster recovery

In the event that an organization's data is lost, it's critical to be back up and running in as little time as possible. The right backup and disaster recovery solutions make this happen. You have the ability to quickly restore any lost data so that users can continue on with business as usual.

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