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Managed IT

Simplifying your business operations with best-in-class managed IT services
How Epik helps your business

Comprehensive Managed IT Services from our Baltimore-based company will keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. We'll take care of the technology nuts and bolts so your employees can stay on mission supporting your customers.

The promise of Managed IT Services done right
The Epik Assurance Plan

A Baltimore-based managed IT services company to handle all your business technology needs, keeping your people happy and productive and your business running smoothly.

Business Management Consulting

Strategic industry planning and consulting from your dedicated Client CIO can bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to plan for the coming years. Speaking of years, on average, what decade is your business technology in?

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Nationwide, 24/7/365 IT and user support with no additional cost for onsite service to get you running again. Unlimited support for all user devices - desktops, laptops, phones, etc. It even includes answering users' "How To" questions.

No Lengthy Commitment

No annual contracts. Pay month-to-month. Cancel anytime. No strings attached. We believe you'll use our IT managed services month after month - for years - because you love how we do what we do.

Powerful Cyber Security

Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) for protection against malicious software and zero-day exploits. Up-to-date cybersecurity is a "must-have" if you want your business to continue uninterrupted.

Rapid Response, Fast Resolution

Our response time averages less than 51 seconds, and we guarantee you will speak to a human being within an hour of calling.

Cloud Coverage

Consulting, implementation, support, and monitoring of cloud-hosted solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google, and Office 365.

Stay in the Know

Clear communications from our easy-to-use client portal. Review ongoing monthly reports of all support activity, maintenance, ongoing projects, and recommendations.

Keeping an Eye on Your Stuff

Our asset tracking and management protocols will identify and document your equipment, subscriptions, software licenses, and expirations.

Don't let fear of change keep you stuck
Experience worry-free onboarding when you become a client

Change can be hard, but it doesn’t need to be. The Epik onboarding process makes transitioning painless and trouble-free for you and your users while prioritizing security.

We can take over your technology environment as quickly or as slowly as needed, and we go beyond just maintaining what you already have; we take steps toward improving it during the transition. Once you say “go,” you are guaranteed incredible service.

So, don’t sweat it. We’ve done this for hundreds of new customers. These transitions are performed by the dedicated Epik Onboarding Team, who are experts at onboarding new clients in this fashion. Like a professional golfer’s “repeatable swing,” the team works every day to deliver a fantastic experience to 100% of our clients.

All-inclusive, fixed-cost managed services for your business

We want your team to stay productive instead of dealing with IT issues, which is why much of our work happens in the background. Every day we are performing work proactively to help prevent your staff from having to call with another distracting, productivity-draining issue.

  • Industry-Focused Strategic Planning
    • Strategic planning and consulting from your client CIO who works with you and understands your business.
    • Monthly reports detailing support activity, maintenance, and recommendations.
    • Annual business solutions and assessments providing network diagrams, asset reports, and opportunity tracking.
    • Asset management identifying computer/network equipment, specs, licensed software and expirations.
  • Unlimited Remote and Onsite Support
    • Guaranteed one-hour response time. We promise.
    • A specialized Epik Support team assigned to your business. They understand your industry and your systems.
    • Support for all business computing equipment for your staff: workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones.
    • Support for network routers, switches, firewalls, network printers, and scanners.
    • Setting up replacement workstations, laptops, and tablets.
    • Escalation to other vendors for vendor-specific issues.
  • How To Questions Answered
    • Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, QuickBooks, email, etc.
    • More effective usage of software applications you already own.
    • Increased productivity for your company.
  • Powerful Cyber Security
    • CrowdStrike Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) for protection against malicious software and zero-day exploits.
    • Advanced malware protection through agent software and DNS filtering.
    • O/S security patching and service pack management to provide enhanced protection and the latest security updates.
    • Regular basic security assessments along with recommendations to address any vulnerabilities.
  • Proactive Managed Services
    • 24/7 server monitoring and alerting that enables proactive services and downtime reduction.
    • Network performance monitoring and reporting for proactive system maintenance.
    • Preventative maintenance and performance optimization to ensure efficient operation of systems.
    • Backup log monitoring to know that daily backups are running as scheduled.
    • Spam protection to substantially reduce unsolicited and unwanted emails in your inbox.

Responsive IT Support

Epik Technology provides a professional services company with responsive IT support that enables IT Directors to focus on higher order goals and strategies along with their executive team.

We're excited to speak with you and learn what IT challenges your small business faces and what technology solutions we can offer!

Let's talk
Learn how Epik can help grow your business!