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Cyber Security made for Small Business

Stay secure in the cloud with help from Epik in Baltimore, MD

An Automated Cybersecurity Solution

Most cybersecurity solutions on the market today cost thousands of dollars and deliver little in the way of actionable results. Dark Cubed is different. We offer a powerful cybersecurity solution designed from the ground up for the specific needs of small and medium businesses at a budget-friendly monthly price.


Dark Cubed risk-scores every IP connecting to the network, and automatically blocks risky connections.



Dark Cubed develops IP risk scores on the basis of 3 primary components:

  • A combination of dozens of threat intelligence feeds combined with proprietary analytics that gauge the relative merit of each list, the history of the IP’s list presence, and other factors to determine if an IP present on a list should, in fact, be scored a high risk connection
  • Proprietary predictive analytics to assess the risk of IPs not on any threat intelligence list
  • Community analytics based on patented technology used to, for example, reduce the rate of false positives

Download our IP Scoring Solution Brief to lean more.


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