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SIP Trunking

An innovative solution for modern challenges

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What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is a method by which business phone systems can operate using an Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

SIP trunking is provided by SIP providers, which are similar to traditional phone companies, except SIP providers give access to phone lines over the Internet (and SIP service is significantly less expensive – sometimes as much as 60-80% less).


Benefits of SIP Trunking

How It Helps

The cost savings and communications benefits of SIP trunking are substantial. If your business is experiencing any of the following, SIP trunking can likely help in a big way:

  • High monthly phone bills
  • Costly charges for incoming phone lines
  • Long distance charges
  • IT and maintenance fees
  • Constraints of limited communications technology

SIP trunking allows companies to only pay for the number of lines they need as opposed to getting locked into excess analog lines or partially-used T1s and PRIs. Not only will your company save money on unnecessary expenditures, but this solution also scales easier and offers more reliability across the board.


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